This Federation was incorporated in 1964, taking over the former Hong Kong Garment Manufacturers Union which was established in the early 50’s. The present office address was purchased in 1980.

Our objectives are:
        (A)  to promote and protect the interests of Hong Kong garment 
               manufacturers and merchants ; 
        (B)  to research into all matters affecting the interests of the trade;
        (C)  to promote unity and friendship among garment manufacturers and 
               merchants and to protect the reputation of the trade;
        (D) to make representations to governments and authorities on 
               matters affecting our members. 

          The Federation plays an important and leading role in the changing economy of Hong Kong. Garment exports have remained on the top of the list of exported commodities. We have always tried to obtain maximum benefits for our members in respect of the garment export quota control system. We unite traders to stand against any unfair restriction on Hong Kong’s garment exports, and have made proposals for the enhancement of the Outward Processing Arrangements to reduce manufacturing costs. Our member are actively involved in community and social services and we have representation in the following textile garment advisory bodies:

The Textiles Advisory Board of the Government of Hong Kong 
Special Administration Region

The Clothing Industry Training Authority
The Textile and Garment Training Committee of the Vocational Council
The Garment Advisory Committee of the Hong Kong Trade Development Council
The Garment Advisory Committee of the Hong Kong Polytechnic University

            The markets of our members are mainly overseas such as USA and the European Union. Most of them have factories or subsidiaries in China and other regions in the world. 

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